11 useless websites to help you waste time in 2019


We don’t usually recommend wasting your precious time but sometimes people just get super board and need something to do other than browse social media. Plus, it’s not like you have anything better to be doing, like work;)

So, if you prefer procrastination to productivity, here are 11 sites that will keep you busy:

  1. Drive Me Insane
    The site has been running since 1997. Turn things on. Send messages to strangers on a live stream of a PC. Its pretty sweet, if you have absolutely nothing to do, of course.
  2. Just this giant Wikipedia list of dogs
    I don’t even know what to say about this but if you like dogs, you just hit the freaking jackpot.
  3. Shut Up and Take My Money
    Buy things you totally want but will probably never need.
  4. Find the Invisible Cow
    Just try it. If you click this, you’re getting warmer.
  5. The Useless Web
    This one is special. It can actually generate more completely useless sites for you. It’s tons of fun. Trust us.
  6. Hacker Typer
    Hollywood-style hacker code. Pound on your keys and freak out your boss.
  7. Pointer Pointer
    What’s the point of this? Yeah, I don’t know — just embrace the weirdness. Do it.
  8. Staggering Beauty
    Make the worm dance with your mouse. (Warning:Flashing images.) Seriously, this is freaking weird.
  9. Bees Bees Bees
    Oprah’s secret plans revealed.
  10. Shady URL
    Forget shorting your URL’s for convenience. Making them look shady is way cooler. Everyone’s doing it.
  11. Don’t Even Reply
    Just your everyday collection of emails from shitty people. Enjoy.
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