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21 Questions With Justin Micatrotto, Owner & Founder of Floyd’s 99 Cuts & Color




Justin Micatrotto, Las Vegas Philanthropist and Owner & Founder of Floyds99 Cuts & Color

We recently caught up with Justin Micatrotto, the Founder of KAIROC U.S.A, and the man that helped bring and lead the Raising Cane’s brand to the southwest for almost 14 years, to gain some insight into his mindset and  latest Vegas venture, Floyd’s 99 Barber Shop.

But, this guy isn’t just any Vegas hustler. Micatrotto is active in various non-profit ventures including the Luna Foundation, which is named after Justin and wife Renata’s only daughter, Gemma Luna. And at any given moment, Micatrotto’s company is helping someone out in the community through the KAIROC CARES program.

This is a guy that is truly impacting the landscape of entrepreneurship and philanthropy in Southern Nevada right now. Check out his answers to our 21 Questions below.

1.  Do you have any hidden talents? 

No, but I was born with 12 fingers. 

2.  What’s your favorite cocktail? 

Bourbon – rocks 

*Eagles Rare, Basil Hayden, Buffalo Trace

3. Are you a morning person or night owl? 

Morning Person

4. Favorite sports teams? 

Knights, Lakers, Browns, Indians, USC Trojans

5. Go-to coffee order? 

Medium Black coffee 

6. Any new and exciting things that you would like to share about Floyds99 Cuts & Color?

It’s the mix of a modern day Barbershop(style) experience with a great mix of music and culture. Otherwise, the name says it: cuts & color, all are welcome to come as they are! 

7. If you could fix or change one thing about Vegas, what would it be?

Be a hub for major airline(s). Less connections through LA. 

8. What’s one thing you know now that you wish you had known as a kid?

A lot of the same issues will still be around but your perspective will change as you get older so be patient with your opinion(s), you don’t know it just because you’ve experienced it once or twice. 

9. If you could eat lunch with one famous person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?

Dave Chapelle

10. What’s your best advice for up and coming Vegas entrepreneurs or marketers?

This town is small enough to make a relatively quick impact, so keep in mind how that impact will evolve and support our community long term. Leave the valley better than you found it, not just with a bigger bank account and/or business. 

11. What will you be working on 10 years from now? 

Same thing I am doing now, #girldad and husband maintaining work, life, & spiritual balance. 

12. What’s your absolute favorite thing in the world to do? 

Listen to Phish with my girls. 

13. Favorite TV Show or Movie right now? 


14. Favorite place to eat?

Echo & Rig

15. How many alarms do you set to wake up in the morning? 

Pre-Covid, one

Post-1 with 2.5 snoozes

16. What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? 


17. What’s your fondest memory of building your business in Vegas? 

TBD this time around, last time it was our fundraiser events/days. 

18. If you could live anywhere in the world other than Vegas, where would it be? 


19. What’s one instagram or social media account you think everyone in Vegas should follow? 

Looking for a good suggestion myself. 

(We recommend Floyd’s 99 Barbershop.)  

20. What are 3 things you look for in everyone you hire? 

Passion (for something)


Personal-Professional goals

21. What’s your number one vacation spot outside of Vegas? 



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