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5 Reasons Mandalay Bay is Probably Liable for The Las Vegas Shooting

Anthony Paglia



First off, thank you in advance for your courage and willingness to even consider the possibility that there may be cause for the Mandalay Bay (MGM Resorts) to share some of the blame for the deaths and injuries that occurred during the mass shooting last October. That said, I always invite open dialogue about legal issues like this. My hope is that everyone adds their two cents in the comment section on Facebook or directly on this article so that we can start a real conversation about the extent to which we should require Las Vegas hotels and resorts to protect their patrons.

Here are the reasons my team believes MGM is liable for the Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay and are now attempting to sue the victims in an effort to hide their mistakes

  1. Steve Wynn said in an interview on Fox he would never allow anyone to take back elevators with multiple large black duffle bags with guns up to a room without security clearance. Where was MGM security? Numerous reports show the shooter was allowed to use these much less secure elevators because of his VIP status.
  2. Paddock supposedly sealed the door at the end of the hall. Security should have been alerted about the tampering of an emergency exit on a 32nd floor. Where was MGM security?
  3. At the venue many people at the show said exits were blocked off, causing people to knock down fences and run onto the airport runway. If those people had access to those closed off exits, lives could have been saved.
  4. Shooting thousands of rounds in a hotel room causes smoke, and it should have triggered an alarm. If someone tampered with smoke alarms in the room before the shooting, why didn’t MGM security find this out?
  5. Lastly, where is ALL the footage? It still hasn’t been released. The fact is that until that footage is release to the public and there is a definitive answer to whether or not there was a second shooter, questions will continue to loom.

That said, the only way to discover the truth is through prosecuting MGM Resorts in court. The company filed their recent complaints against the Las Vegas shooting victims in federal court to help bury the truth.

The victims will not have justice or closure until all information is out, this can only be done in a court of law. We don’t want these documents to end up like the ones for the JFK investigation.

It is my belief that a legitimately thorough investigation will show security system failures that, if corrected, would have saved lives or prevented the shooting entirely.

Anthony Paglia is a Vegas native and award winning personal injury attorney. If you or someone you know has been injured because of the carelessness of another, call 702.830.7070 for free consult.

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