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5 Reasons to Use an Agent When Buying New Construction




Your agent, your interests.
It’s undoubtedly the most important thing in real estate to have trusted representation on your side to help navigate the complex issues that can arise in a new home sale as well as the lengthy warranties and contracts. There’s simply no one better to help you pore over the documents and information like a seasoned agent.


It’s completely FREE.
In a new home sale, the builder typically pays your agent’s commission, so their services are completely free to use! Since new home sales include so many more details and considerations than the regular resale market, it’s truly invaluable to have someone to walk you through the contracts, jargon, upgrades, etc, all at no charge to you!


Unbiased input. Your agent will be under no obligation to choose one builder over another, so you can expect an unbiased comparison to help you narrow your choices, including the lot, location and neighborhood. An agent with years of local experience will know firsthand which builders have the best reputation for quality homes and be happy to steer their clients in the right direction – certainly an important consideration with your potential forever home.


All of what you need, none of what you don’t. A savvy agent will have an accurate pulse on what the newest, most cost effective, or environmentally friendly (if that’s your thing!) upgrades are, regardless of what the builder’s opinion or preference may be, so they’re a useful resource in helping you balance your wants versus needs. As you can imagine, it’s incredibly easy to overspend when it comes to the design portion, so your trusted realtor can help reel you in to save your budget. Put simply, an agent can help you save tons of time and money!


Thorough inspections. As part of their arsenal of great connections, your agent will have access to trusted and reputable inspectors that are separate from the mandatory county inspector, who will focus on making sure the home is built to local code requirements. Your savvy agent knows the more eyes checking to make sure everything is as it should be, the better!


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