7 Best #VegasFood Pics on Instagram This Week

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

Tea time at the Mandarin Oriental isn’t cheap but it’s totally worth it for a special occasion. Thanks to @dinomeji for snapping the shot. However, MGM recently sold it so stay tuned for an update on the situation.

Noodles Galore! I need this in my life right now. (Writer makes slurp sounds.) Thanks to @themagicnoodlelv for bringing a little beauty into the world.

This freaking ice cream taco speaks for itself. @FlavorYours is blowing my mind right now.

@h2osushivegas, Never ending nigiri? Shut the hell up. Yum!!!

Go to Instagram people and check out @h2osushivegas, they legitimately keep making the list because their food game is on point. Cheers to another amazing shot.

@eatwhateveryou has the right idea. Just make sure to bring whatever the hell it is you need to stop a heart attack if you eat here. Nobody is getting fit eating this.

This one speaks for itself. So, we apologize if you’re on a diet right now. Maybe it can start next Monday?

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