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8 Things To Do On Spring Break If You’re A Broke-Ass Millennial




Spring Break. A legendary week full of drinking, partying, and bad decisions but unforgettable nevertheless. Our time however is slowly coming to an end as us millennials are in our last year of college (well hopefully). So that means it’s our last spring break to get rowdy before the real world hits us…but we’re totally Spring Broke. So here are some alternate options, you know since we’re getting old.

1. Have A Staycation

A staycation might be my favorite activity besides traveling, especially when we live in Las Vegas. We all take living here for granted and even though the fancy Strip might not phase us as much as it does tourists, a little pretend won’t hurt anybody. Try gathering a group of friends and renting a room at the Red Rock or Marriott, or even downtown and just hang at the pool all day, drink piña coladas, and have a kickback in your room, it’s the senior way to spring break.


2. Game Night

(No, not like the movie) But host a game night at your place and get some Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, classics like Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, LIFE and a few beers and you’ll have yourself an adult spring break. Raise the stakes and bet on the winner to make your night even more interesting.


3. Movie Marathon (of course)

This one’s a given but whether you’re doing an all girls, all boys, or mix of both for your movie marathon, try getting everyone to write down their favorite movie, put them in a jar, and pick on the night of to watch as many as you can. The hardest part is picking a movie so if everyone agrees on this method, there’ll be no time wasted. (Plus, you can order in pizza, make homemade pizookies, and consume all the calories you would have if you binge-drank for the week).


4. BBQ & Tan

Hosting a barbeque isn’t only for the Super Bowl but a great way to get friends and family together, and pitch in on your typical barbeque needs for a money savvy but great afternoon. Staying out at the pool all day & grilling burgers, tanning while waiting for your food to be ready, cracking open an ice cold beer (or a few), it’ll be almost as if you’re at your own all-inclusive hotel at the beach.


5. Rent an exotic car and drive down the strip

Ok, so maybe an exotic car isn’t in your budget but how cool does riding the strip in a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado convertible sound? White exterior, red leather interior, a classic. Check out Las Vegas Exotic Rentals to see some of their sweet rides and best part is, there is no additional charge for extra drivers so splitting the cost on some sick cars might just be the thing you need.


6. Road Trip

Saving money doesn’t necessarily mean staying at home either. Try researching some hotels ahead of time and plan a road trip with your friends. Even renting an RV for the week might be worth it or piling in someone’s truck and making pit stops along the way. Cross-country road trips are the best but lucky for us we won’t need one as we’re surrounded by some of the coolest states.


7. Have a Bonfire

To take you back to those high school nights in the desert…grab some friends, some wood, a s’mores kit, maybe even a four-loko if that’s still your thing and stargaze in Vegas’ hidden beauties beyond the strip. March (especially in Vegas) is that time of the year where it’s just starting to get hot during the day but the nights are still chilly making for the perfect & cozy bonfire night.


8. Create an Itinerary for the Week

Planning out your days can help you stay more productive and active so if you haven’t done it before, try it out for Spring Break. Create your own itinerary for the week and don’t get sidetracked. Whether it’s going to Dave & Busters on a Monday afternoon, planning your sorority sister brunch on Tuesday, and taking a day trip to the Desperado Roller Coaster in Primm, Nevada over the weekend followed by a shopping day at the Primm outlets, planning it all out will help you stick to your plan and never get bored.


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