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9 Legit Reasons to Move to Las Vegas Right Now




1. Business opportunities are aplenty
Ever since the end of The Great Recession, Las Vegas has been on the up-and-up, and the city is now regarded as one of the best in the country for businesses both small and large. Las Vegas is popular with Millennials, who are choosing the city as their new landing pad in droves, and for good reason – the nightlife is a huge draw as is the balmy weather! The influx of new residents means business is booming for everyone, and that’s a great thing for its continued success.


2. There’s no state income tax
Tax time is pretty stressful every year, right? Not for Nevada residents! The state is among a list of seven in the country that doesn’t collect income taxes (although you will still owe the Feds), which means you keep more of your paycheck – what’s better than that?


3. Affordability
One of the biggest reasons real estate is so outrageously expensive in the coastal areas of the country is because there’s simply not enough physical room to spread the housing out. When they can’t build out, they build up, and home prices rise too. In Las Vegas, however, there’s plenty of room for new construction and for spacious communities to develop, keeping home prices lower and the dream of ownership alive for residents here.


4. Unlimited entertainment
Ah, the infamous entertainment factor of Las Vegas! Residents and visitors alike never run out of things to enjoy about the nightlife in Las Vegas, and whether you’re people watching on the Strip or taking in a show, it’s all entertainment, all the time. There’s truly something for everyone!


5. Sports, sports and more sports!
In addition to its bustling nightlife, Las Vegas has a ton of collegiate and professional sporting options if the Strip just isn’t quite your thing. Between basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball and football, you shouldn’t have trouble satisfying your adrenaline craving! My team is at every single Vegas Golden Knights Game.

vegas knights shot gif

6. The outdoors are unlike anything else
Las Vegas and the state of Nevada have some of the most picturesque views around, and there’s no need to go far to experience amazing hiking and camping options. Whether you’re wanting stunning lakes, fascinating rock formations or to experience the thrill of white water rafting the Colorado River, Las Vegas has it all!


7. Friends and family love to visit
Everyone you know will come out of the woodwork and ask to visit if you move to Las Vegas, as it’s a huge draw for friends and family! You will love hosting them and showing off all your new city has to offer!


8. The growing arts scene
Beyond the raunch and outlandishness of the Strip is a truly emerging and exciting arts scene, ready to take Las Vegas to a new level and put it in the running with other large cities. Galleries and venues are cropping up everywhere, and it all adds to the infectious charm of the city!


9. 300+ days of sunshine
You might just forget what rain feels like here, which is a far cry from the wet and humid coasts! Be aware, the sun is strong and you’ll need to make sure you cover up to go outside, but it’s almost guaranteed you’ll never have to cancel your plans due to rain, and that’s an amazing thing!


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