Binion’s on Fremont Street Announces Expansion Projects

Binion's Gambling Hall is proud to announce the addition of two major new attractions ̶ Whiskey Licker Up and Hotel Apache.

PHOTO CAPTION: Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel

Whiskey Licker Up will be the first of its kind in Las Vegas  ̶  a full-service saloon with a huge rotating bar as its centerpiece. 

The 6500-square-foot facility will be located directly above the original Whiskey Licker Bar on the southwest corner of the property, overlooking the First Street Stage. 

Whiskey Licker Up will offer drinks, dining, dancing, live entertainment and even a mechanical bull, all with incredible views of the most exciting street in the world. 

Guests will enjoy an amazing sensory experience that includes live acts from Fremont Street and in-house entertainment in a setting located within feet of the Slotzilla Zoom Line and all under the bright lights of the Fremont Street Experience. Construction is expected to be completed by this summer.

Hotel Apache at Binion’s Gambling Hall is a concept likewise inspired by the rich history of the property, providing an experience that will take you back in time.

Hotel Apache will be a unique and boutique hotel featuring 81 rooms with vintage-style furnishings reminiscent of the original Hotel Apache that opened in 1932.

The property also has a long history of eerie occurrences that will appeal to many. As General Manager Tim Lager says, “You can’t buy our history. But you can enjoy it with us. And if some of that history seems to come alive, it’s only your imagination. Or is it?” Construction of the rooms is also expected to be completed by this summer.

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