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Courtroom Heavyweight Dennis Prince Announces Opening of Boutique Litigation Law Firm in Las Vegas




Dennis Prince, well known as one of the best trial lawyers in the State of Nevada has announced the opening of Prince Law Group, a Las Vegas based boutique litigation law firm dedicated to the aggressive representation of clients suffering from devastating injuries caused by the negligence of another.

Built upon Prince’s extensive background and experience in the areas of trial practice, personal injury, insurance law, and commercial litigation, the new firm is expected to land multi-million dollar verdicts on behalf of victims of defective products and negligence.

“This firm was strategically designed with our clients’ needs in mind,” says Dennis Prince, Founder and Managing Partner at Prince Law Group. “We offer a sophisticated level of representation and a team approach where each trial lawyer plays to his or her strengths in order to achieve the maximum result for our clients.”

With over 100 trials taken to jury verdict, and over $100 million in verdicts and settlements won on behalf of his clients, it’s safe to say Prince is no stranger to the courtroom. In fact, he was named as one of the nation’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2016 by the Nevada Justice Association.

“The vast majority of our cases are referrals from other attorneys, attorneys who trust and respect our work ethic and case results,” says Prince. “When you refer injury cases to Prince Law Group, you are doing a great service to not only your clients but also your firm. Our presence can significantly increase the value of the case or settlement, and as a consequence, the revenues of the referring attorney or law firm.”

You can learn more about Prince Law Group by visiting thedplg.com.

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