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COVID-19 Testing And Your Legal Responsibilities

Nicholas Wooldridge



Medical professional taking a nasal swab test during COVID-19 crisis - Image via Adobe Stock

Although many states are now dialing down restrictions targeted towards slowing the COVID-19 illness curve, this is not the time to go back to business as usual, especially if you’ve recently tested positive for coronavirus but do not need hospitalization. Recent guidelines still advise self-isolating for two weeks after being exposed to the virus, even if you do not show symptoms or are not a serious case. In order to flatten the curve, it’s still important to stay home as much as possible, even if you haven’t been exposed.

With UNLV Medicine now offering testing to those who meet CDC guidelines, it’s easier than ever for residents of Las Vegas and its outer communities to ensure that they are tested when they show symptoms and know when to go to the hospital and when to self-isolate at home. Following these regulations is important to public health and to slowing the curve of this pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 50,000 people.

Personal Injury Issues with COVID-19

But what happens if someone who knows that they are a carrier for COVID-19 does not follow these guidelines? As a personal injury attorney, many of my clients are worried. I’ve heard from quite a few who are now wondering if someone else’s neglect or irresponsibility for exposing others to the virus can result in future legal issues. 

The Las Vegas mayor’s recent comments about opening up the economy again have spiked the amount of worry in many Nevadans, who just want the virus to be over and for everyone to be safe. Those who are immunocompromised should still be isolated at home until it is deemed safe, but for those who are still going out to grocery shops or to work if you are essential, you risk being exposed to these individuals who flaunt the guidelines. 

It’s still too early to tell exactly how the courts will respond to personal injury cases involving COVID-19. Many court systems and judicial offices are closed at the moment, with important workers still working from home when possible, and this creates uncertainty in how future judges will look at personal injury cases involving the virus. 

There is also the fear that, with hospital systems overloaded, medical malpractice claims will soar against doctors who are working long, intense shifts. While this is a valid concern, the virus does not excuse malpractice from caretakers or medical practitioners, but these will also probably be handled after the virus passes as well.

The court systems may be shut down for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to consult a personal injury attorney if you’re concerned about any of these issues. Whether online or over the phone, many attorneys are now working from home, answering calls from concerned clients who want to ensure they are protected in the event of an issue like those outlined above. 

If you believe you’ve been a victim of intentional COVID-19 exposure or medical malpractice related to the pandemic, please contact our offices as soon as you can to speak with an attorney who can guide you through the next steps of this legal battle.  LV Personal Injury Lawyers, 400 S. 7th St #450, Las Vegas, NV 89101, (702) 800-4660


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