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Elon Musk’s Boring Company Secures $48.6 Million Dollar Contract With Las Vegas Officials to Build Transport Tunnels

Adam Porsborg



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The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) just voted to where it approved a $48.6 million contract with the Boring Company, Elon Musk’s tunneling venture.

The company’s underground “people mover,” will consist of two tunnels for vehicles and three stations, as well as a pedestrian tunnel, according to the report LVCVA officials recently provided to national media outlets.

Sounds awesome, right?

The project is expected to be complete in time to be used at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021, LVCVA told The Verge in March. Then, Musk got on Twitter and suggested the project could be running by the end of the year, which is why is he is a true honorary Nevada Badass.

According to the public contract, the tests will start by November 2020. But, regardless of the completion date, two-thirds of the money in the contract won’t be paid until the project is complete, which isn’t the worst deal our city officials have ever hatched.

Of the various projects the company has taken on, the Las Vegas tunnel is reportedly very likely to be the first officially completed Boring Company Project. Why? Well, because Nevada is by far the most forward thinking and technologically focused region in the world. That’s why. At least it is according to us anyway;)

According to info we found throughout the national stories on the situation across the web, a $1 billion bid for a Chicago tunnel to O’Hare airport was actually in the works but apparently hit a speed bump when Chicago elected a new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who isn’t stoked on the project for god knows what reason.

And just a fun fact to put in your pocket and take out at a party to look cool, The Boring Company has completed one 1.14-mile tunnel in Hawthorne, California. And according to Musk, that tunnel cost $10 million and took a year and a half to complete.

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That being said, it is not yet clear what kind of vehicle will be used in the Las Vegas tunnel but LVCVA’s president, Steve Hill, said in March that Model Xs, Model 3s, or modified electric vehicles with a 16-person tram body are all under consideration.

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