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Flower One Announces Agreement to Bring Popular California Lifestyle Cannabis Brand, Old Pal, to Nevada




Flower One Holdings Inc. (“Flower One” or the “Company”) (CSE: FONE) (OTCQB: FLOOF) today announces a new licensing agreement and Brand Partnership for cannabis-product fulfillment in Nevadawith California-based, Old Pal, the popular lifestyle cannabis brand that offers the most affordable legal cannabis in the state of California.

Flower One is now licensed to produce, manufacture and distribute the entire Old Pal product line to Nevada’s 130 cannabis retailers, marking Old Pal’s first out-of-state expansion and entry into the Nevada market.

“Flower One is thrilled to bring a California favorite, Old Pal, to the Nevada market to ensure that our retail partners and, subsequently, consumers have access to quality, affordable and abundant cannabis flower,” says Ken Villazor, President and CEO of Flower One. “As Flower One continues to secure more Brand Partners for the Nevada market, we remain focused on meeting the needs of all levels of the value chain, ranging from affordable ‘shareable flower,’ like Old Pal’s suite of products, to high-end luxury products.”

Rusty Wilenkin, Co-Founder & CEO of Old Pal has had his sights set on a Nevada expansion since his California sales started to soar, “California has already taken off and we’re positive that our second market will see even more success.

The opportunity in Nevada is huge, with 55 million tourists landing in Nevada every year we really have the chance to showcase our brand on an international stage.”

“Cannabis brands entering Nevada are focused on the influx of tourists who are largely attracted to the culture of Las Vegas and the opportunity that it presents to showcase their product and build brand equity with consumers who will then spread the word to their networks, increasing demand in markets that have yet to be explored,” Old Pal Co-Founder, Jason Osni added.

The Old Pal suite of products, primarily pure, dried flower, is currently available in California and set to sell in Nevada in the coming months. The products are available in three varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Already the lowest cost provider of legal cannabis in California, with the partnership, Old Pal and Flower One will become the lowest cost provider in Nevada.

Old Pal’s half ounce, pre-ground rolling kit is an all-in-one convenient cannabis solution for consumers on-the-go and includes branded rolling papers that uniquely pay homage to cannabis culture circa 1960s and 1970s. Old Pal has deep roots in the branding and marketing space and are well known for their artistic social media presence.

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