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Foundation to Support Educator Professional Learning Institute in Las Vegas This Summer




MindSpark Learning (mSL), a Denver-based national nonprofit dedicated to re-engineering education through educators with unique professional learning experiences, launched an initiative with DonorsChoose.org and the Morgridge Family Foundation to bring a summer of professional learning institutes to thousands of educators in eleven cities throughout the United States. One of those cities is Las Vegas.

MindSpark Learning is hosting 34 professional learning institutes in the following locations:

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Missoula, MT
  3. San Diego, CA
  4. Las Vegas, NV
  5. Denver, CO
  6. Chicago, IL
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Houston, TX
  9. New Orleans, LA
  10. Boston, MA
  11. Tampa, FL

These professional learning institutes will cover seven core topics, including design-thinking, EdTech, computer science, Google Certification, creativity and innovation, social-emotional resilience and empathy, and STEM and problem-based learning (PBL).

The Morgridge Family Foundation (MFF) has generously contributed $125,000 for these summer institutes. Teachers who post a project on DonorsChoose.org, and request any of the 34 available mindSpark Learning institutes, will be eligible for a 3X match offer made possible by MFF. DonorsChoose.org provides a platform for educators to seek financial support to attend an institute through foundations like the Morgridge Family Foundation and other philanthropic supporters.

“Partnering with education leaders and philanthropists such as MindSpark Learning and the Morgridge Family Foundation is a great honor,” said DonorsChoose.org Partnerships Manager Vashti Barran. “We’re as eager as mindSpark Learning to kick off this initiative and provide valuable learning experiences to educators across the U.S.”

Educators of public and charter schools are invited to apply for an institute in the location and for their topic of choice by March 29. If you have any questions regarding fundraising and matching funds to attend an institute, you can reach out to the DonorsChoose.org team.

“Our team is over the moon about this opportunity to provide such an array of in-depth learning experiences for educators,” said mindSpark Learning CEO Kellie Lauth. “We’re beyond thankful our partners at DonorsChoose.org and the Morgridge Family Foundation, who are helping us reach our goal of impacting thousands of educators across the nation a reality this summer.”

For more information, please visit https://www.mymindsparklearning.org/events-and-institutes/.

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