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From Hitting Dingers to Scrubbing Cars: Jose Canseco to Open New Car Wash in Las Vegas




Former major league baseball player Jose Canseco is starting a new venture in Las Vegas. His Showtime Car Wash will open on Saturday, October 26, from 10am-1pm and the former Bash Brother will be on hand to greet fans on the red carpet and sign autographs.

As part of the event, Canseco will be recording his podcast, The Truth Hurts With Jose Canseco. Fans of the slugger who are not able to make it for the grand opening will still be able to meet Canseco in the weeks to follow. He will be at his business every Wednesday to sign autographs and record his podcast.

The car wash will feature nostalgia related to Canseco’s long career in the majors when he was one of the most feared hitters in the game. “Looking at the 20-foot signs and highlights from my career make me miss my 80’s mullet,” Canseco texted to reporters.

Regular operating hours for the car wash will be 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday and 8am-5pm on Sunday.

The property will also feature a DMV services window, windshield repair, and a 24-hour gas station. It is located at 5893 W. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas. This venture has postponed Canseco’s planned Nevada desert RV Bigfoot Tour, but new dates will be announced soon.

Jose Canseco played 17 seasons in the major leagues for 7 different years, most notably the Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, and Toronto Blue Jays. Throughout his career, he hit 462 home runs and made 7 all-star teams. In 1988 he was named the MVP of the American League.

Fans arriving at the Grand Opening who are not getting gas, or a car wash should park next door in the Albertson’s parking lot or across the street at Taco Bell.

Jose Canseco’s Showtime Car Wash is a full-service car wash featuring a convenience store, gas station, DMV services, and windshield repair.

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