Here Are The 7 Best #VegasFood Pics Posted on Instagram Last Week

PHOTO CAPTION: Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

Each week, The Vegas Post team takes a moment out of their busy schedules filled with covering what happens in Vegas online and IRL to put together a short list of the best #vegasfood pics they saw last week on Instagram.

Basically, we’re all obsessed with food so we tried to figure out a reason to highlight the amazing content some of the #vegasfoodies pump out on a daily basis. They really are masters of the Insta-game and this is our way of giving them some love. If you know anyone that you think should be featured in our next round-up, send us a message at

Here are this week’s picks for your viewing pleasure:

1.  Neighbors Cafe by @ceefoodvegas

2. La Strega by @fantazicfood

3. Big Chicken by @lasvegasfood

4. LAVO by @mizzerybell

5. L’Atelier Joel Robuchon by @vegasfoodblog

6. Favorite Bistro by @hookedlv

7. Paid in Full by @vegasfoodbaron

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