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Here’s What Elon Musk Told Jack Dorsey When He Asked Him For Feedback on Twitter

Adam Porsborg



Newsweek magazine with Elon Musk on main page in a hand. (Image via Shutterstock)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey casually called Musk at an employee conference Thursday and asked his fellow tech titan for any feedback.

“If you were running Twitter, what would you do?” Dorsey asked. Musk, who has 30 million Twitter followers, said it “would be helpful to differentiate” between real users and bots ora”troll army.”

“How do you tell if the feedback is real or someone trying to manipulate the system,” Musk added. “So, some way to try to differentiate a real person or someone just trying to game the system.”


The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has a point and if you use the social media channel yourself, you know that Twitter is overrun with bots and has struggled in the past to stamp out disinformation campaigns, malicious behavior and spam.

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