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Is It Safe To Purchase a Second Hand Gun?




Owning a gun is not only for self-defense. Other people collect firearms as a hobby. Collectors buy both used and brand new guns. They also love antique guns for display.

Guns also purchased to be used in shooting sports. Many gun enthusiasts that are into shooting sports purchased not just one gun but as many as they can handle. 

So are you planning to buy a second-hand weapon for self-defense or for your hobby? Before you do so, you should know what to look for when buying second hand gun. 

Check the gun carefully

It is okay to buy second-hand guns, as firearms are very durable and can last for centuries if the owner takes good care of it. The downside of purchasing a second-hand gun is they don’t have a warranty anymore. They also don’t offer customer service. 

Check the gun carefully. Look at the parts and check if something is missing. Also, check if the gun works fine. Check the bore for rust, a little bit of dirt is okay, but rust is a big no-no. Also check the screws, pins, and springs. Make sure everything is complete and looking good. 

Strip the weapon if you can, or bring someone who knows how to do it. You have to make sure that the gun is in an excellent state. You have to check for some wear and tear. Also, look out if some parts are already altered with second-hand parts. Just make sure that the overall of the gun is in good condition. Don’t aim for a hundred percent, it’s a used gun after all. But just at least aim for 85 percent that would be good enough.

Precautions Before You Acquire A Gun

If you want to own a gun for self-defense, please bear in mind that you cannot carry a gun around like you are carrying your mobile phone. Most gun owners hide their firearms at home. You have to think that carrying a weapon will put yourself in danger. Not only you but also other people around you. 

Owning a gun is such a big responsibility. So you have to follow every safety guidelines and follow the rules in using a weapon. Always put in mind the danger you can inflict to yourself and other people. 

Ask yourself if you are confident enough to use a gun if someone assaults you. Guns don’t shoot on their own. You have to pull the trigger for it to work. 

Think about this, if someone is attacking you can you grab the gun instantly and fire it towards the assailant? You still need to grab that gun from your closet or wherever you’re keeping it before you can use it. 

Used guns can have invisible issues that can cause it to break down. But there are good quality second-hand guns out there that you can purchase. That’s why you need to be very vigilant when you choose your weapon, mainly if it is already used. 

Where You Can Purchase Used Gun

You can buy used guns on your local gun dealer or gun shop. Just ask if they are offering a used gun. You can also choose to buy online. There are so many online gun dealers but always make sure that it is legal and legit. 

It doesn’t matter where you will purchase your gun as long as it is legal. You don’t want to get hold of a weapon used to murder someone right? So just be careful in buying and choosing the dealer. 

You should also check the gun dealers background before you make any transactions with them. If you don’t know who you are dealing with, there’s a significant chance that your dealer is illegal. It is safe to deal with someone you know or referred to you by a family or friend. This way, you don’t need to worry if you decide to meet the person.


It is safe to purchase a used gun as long as you know your responsibility. The responsibility of ownership is not easy. It is a matter of life and death if you misuse a firearm. Not only other people’s lives are at stake but also the life of the owner. If you think you are a responsible person, then maybe you can own a gun. But if you are having doubts, look for an alternative weapon you can use. 

Just make sure that the gun you are buying is safe and has no bad record. Always double-check with your local gun registry. Buy only the guns that are registered so that you will be assured there are no problems. 


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