Las Vegas Company Unveils Insane New Restraint Weapon for Cops

It looks like something from Batman's utility belt, but it could be a new tool for police.


Police in Illinois recently gained some insight into a new non-lethal weapon created by Las Vegas based company Wrap Technologies.

Here’s a video of the company demonstrating the tool called the Bola Wrap. It’s a device meant to be worn on an officer’s belt that fires a cord from a distance of 10 to 25 feet.

It’s like something you would see Batman use.

Creators believe it will be a useful tool when dealing with people in a mental health crisis. We’re thinking we agree.

According to the company, it’s biggest benefit is that it causes virtually zero pain and can be used from a safe distance. There are about 15 agencies across the United States currently testing the new weapon.

Wrap Technologies is reportedly leaving a few of the Bola Wrap devices with the officers from the video to continue testing. They costs about $800 per unit and $30 a cartridge so not everyone you know will have one.

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