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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s Important to Share the Positive Stories in Our Life, Even if They Involve Insurance Companies

Adam Porsborg



We actually don’t get as many letters to the editor as you might think, which is why we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to send us your thoughts on happenings that effect our badass city or just hate/love mail about our content. It’s impossible to say the wrong thing to us. Anonymous sources stay anonymous but will be fact checked if they make ridiculous claims.

So, without further ado, here’s the story of the first letter to the editor we have ever received.

One of our followers by the name of Pat O’Konski wanted to share a little bit of positivity with regard to his recent experience with Medicare advantage.

From what we can gather, O’Konski is on Medicare advantage member through his employer. He wanted to alert our audience to the fact that even while having medicare advantage, he was able to get treated when he unexpectedly needed it and didn’t have to pay the usual earth-shattering medical bills.

Here’s the Full Letter to the Editor Here at The Vegas Post:

Dear Editor,

After a small heart attack, I was admittedly worried about my health situation moving forward. Not just physically, but financially as well, as I knew I would require somewhat significant medical attention on a regular basis.

But these worries have since been lifted off of my shoulders thanks the health plan I have through my employer. And I don’t think it’s something people appreciate as much they should.

I’m sure some people who receive health care benefits through their employer, which my understanding is hundreds of millions of Americans, don’t fully appreciate what their health plan can do for them.

But we should all recognize what today’s health plans are delivering patients today.

Following the heart attack, I suddenly required regular medications to manage the condition. And I understandably needed pretty significant medical attention immediately after the event.

But throughout this process of identifying the right medications, and being treated by heart-health specialists, my health plan has covered the cost of it all.

Truthfully, I haven’t had to pay a dime.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am that all of my medical expenses have been filled and that I’m not saddled with debt. But, I am perhaps more grateful that I have a safety net in my health plan, which I know will always be there in the future as I go about my life.

That’s a peace of mind that I know I share with many other Nevadans covered by their employer. Thanks for reading. We love your site.


Pat O’Konski

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