Mott 32 Just Opened at The Palazzo, Here’s What You Need to Know


Imagine traveling across the world in just one night. Envision a crisp but tender 42 Day Aged Peking Duck, sliced right at your table and served on a golden platter. Picture hot & sour soup dumplings presented in miniature baskets almost screaming to get their picture taken. Visualize a Matcha Sponge Cake to satisfy any sweet tooth craving and exceed all expectations. At Mott 32, your first steps through the door will transport you to a new world while immersing you into the ultimate dining experience.

Just newly opened, the Palazzo Resort & Casino welcomes this breathtaking Hong Kong hit to your footsteps. A fine dining Chinese restaurant created completely flawless from the entrance, to the exquisite bar/dining area, down to the most detailed hand-painted wallpaper you’ve ever seen. Try sitting in the Boom Boom Room for a Burlesque style lounge experience, or the VIP area to dine while overlooking the strip, all while listening to a funky swing and jazz soundtrack.

Designed by Joyce Wang and Maximal Concepts, Mott 32’s Hong Kong location won World Interior of the Year, Best Interior Design Hong Kong, as well as The 6th Restaurant & Bar Design Awards and nothing less is expected from the debut of this first US location.

Besides the extensive and delicious food menu, Mott 32 prides themselves in their intricate craft cocktails bringing the precision of bartending to a new level.

Some house favorites include the Forbidden Rose, a cocktail muddled with Thai Chile, surrounded by rose dust and topped off with fluffy egg whites or the Hanami, a Gin & Whiskey fusion with a citrus ginger twist, served in a thin balloon glass & poured over a giant ice cube.

Forbidden Rose, a cocktail muddled with Thai Chile, surrounded by rose dust and topped off with fluffy egg whites or the Anna Wong, a Tangerine peel gin infusion with a honey lemon twist.

These are just two of the many specialty cocktails Mott 32 has to offer. Not to mention their carefully chosen and diverse wine menu with eclectic and sophisticated selections from around the world. Tropical aromas, powerful fruit and spice notes, and options for the experienced wine drinker to those that only know the word tannin as a summer activity.

And there you have it, Las Vegas meets Hong Kong but with a sin city twist. With neon signs, golden metallic arches, feather lanterns, antiques & chic mirrors, Mott 32 has it all. A vintage but contemporary feel, there’s no better place to eat dim sum than this dim lit urban and sophisticated spot.


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