Nevada Medical Center Brings “Recess Reboot” Program to Walter Bracken Elementary School

The program is expected to bring increased physical, emotional and mental health to Nevada children and adults through operationalized purposeful play.


Nevada Medical Center
’s (NMC), “Recess Reboot” program has expanded to Walter Bracken Elementary School in collaboration with Playworks, the nation’s leading nonprofit focused on leveraging the power of play to transform the social and emotional health of children, and with support from the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences.

Following the successful Pilot Test at Hollingsworth Elementary School in the Spring semester 2018, NMC expanded to additional Title I schools this fall to further its commitment to Nevada’s dedication with preventative care and children’s positive mental health. Their purposeful play program encourages children and adults to incorporate more “play” into their daily lives.

“Research from some of the nation’s top scientists shows us that play is an essential component to healthy mental, emotional and physical development in children,” says Kristy Keller, Program Director for the Nevada Medical Center. “Through our demonstration sites, the Nevada Medical Center is proving the concept that play teaches kids how to relate, connect, and solve problems – the foundation of establishing socially cohesive adults.”

According to Keller, NMC has also partnered with UNLV’s School of Community Health Sciences, which will measure and validate the data collected before and after the intervention in order to determine the impact the Recess Reboot program has on Walter Bracken Elementary School.

“Following our participation as a pilot test site for Playworks’ Recess Reboot program last fall, we saw firsthand the positive impact purposeful play can have on our staff and students,” says Katie Decker, Franchise Principal of three schools within Clark County School District (CCSD). “I completely believe that play equals learning and is critical to the growth and development of our students.”

Playworks, a national 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization respected for its evidence-informed services to over 450 schools in the country helps schools and youth programs create recess and play environments where every child can join in and believes all kids should experience the social, emotional, and physical benefits of play.

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