Oasis Biotech Donates 130 Pounds of Fresh Produce to Catholic Charities in Continued Effort to “Feed the World. Better.”

Image Via Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

In its continued effort to “Feed the World. Better.,” Oasis Biotech, one of the nation’s largest indoor farming facilities of its kind has donated 130 pounds of its freshly harvested Evercress produce to Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada to be used in both the St. Vincent Lied Dining Facility and Hands of Hope Community Pantry.

With the produce being delivered within 24 hours of harvesting, this is one of the freshest and most nutritious food donations the non-profit has ever received.

“It’s very rare for us to receive a donation of produce, let alone produce harvested on the same day as delivery,” says Deacon Tom Roberts, President and Chief Executive officer of Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada. “We’re excited be able to provide our clients with such a high-quality product that they might not otherwise ever had the opportunity to access on their own.”

According to Brock Leach, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at Oasis Biotech, traditionally grown produce can travel more than 1,500 miles before it ever reaches a consumer, which means a significant loss in nutrients and flavor. The technology at Oasis Biotech allows the company to speed up the grow process and reduce the number of “food miles,” which means a better crop for everyone involved.

“When we came to Las Vegas, we made a promise to the community that we would help feed the world better, which includes the city’s most vulnerable citizens as well,” says Leach. “Now, we’re making good on that promise and will continue our efforts to not only provide highly nutritious Evercress produce to high-end restaurants at peak flavor but also Southern Nevadans in need of a healthy meal.”

The massive hydroponic vertical farm delivered 130 pounds of Evercress mixed greens to Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada on Friday morning including single serving salad portions with dressing and croutons, but the organization has no plans on stopping their efforts anytime soon

“Our goal is to consistently provide healthy produce to the people of Las Vegas, especially those most in need of a helping hand,” says Leach. “Thankfully, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada has a great system in place to allow us to do so. We’re really looking forward to the next delivery.”

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