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This Company Just Delivered the First Shipments of Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky to Nevada Dispensaries




Body and Mind Inc. announced this week that the company has delivered the first shipments of cannabis infused beef jerky products to dispensaries in Nevada.

Meat snacks in the United States were a $ 2.8 Billion USD category for the year ended Feb 25, 2017 as reported by Nielsen Retail Measurement Services. Roughly $ 1.5 Billion USD was attributed to beef jerky and $ 1.3 Billion USD in sales were from beef sticks.

Las Vegas has roughly 44 Million annual visitors and cannabis infused beef jerky is a product that allows adults to consume cannabis without smoking,” stated Robert Hasman, a Director at Body and Mind. “As more states move to legal adult medical and recreational cannabis there is increased interest in innovative, flavorful edible products. Our production staff perform an exceptional job creating premium distillate which is used to infuse our various flavors of beef jerky with an accurate, measured dosage of ~10mg of THC per piece of jerky.”

Body and Mind beef jerky is available at dispensaries in Nevada in Pepper, Teriyaki and Sriracha flavors.

In preparation for the holiday season, the company launched a boxed set holiday offering, which includes three or five disposable vape pens in a contemporary gift box.

Customers can choose to fill the holiday box from a wide variety of Raw Distillate Disposable Pens with award winning strains and flavours including Mandarin Cookies (89 % THC), Hardcore OG (85 % THC), Lime (86.65% THC), Strawberry (84.8 % THC), Tangerine (94.11% THC) and Guava (88.40 % THC).

Source: Body and Mind

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