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This Company Will Give You Your Own Personal Paparazzi Entourage in Vegas




PapFlash, a new local startup is launching into the new year giving every individual the opportunity to embrace their time in Las Vegas like a celebrity.

PapFlash is one of the first companies of its kind to cater to VIPs, top executives and upcoming emerging artists and individuals who want to create buzz and have the confidence to elevate life to another level.

“You can feel influence and celebrity status by bringing your own photography flash mob entourage with the rush that is unparalleled,” said Desirel C. Lawrence, founder of PapFlash. “This is a once in a lifetime kind of experience that can make anyone a media sensation in any venue.”

PapFlash is debuting first in Vegas then extending the experience to major and private events in major cities around the country. PapFlash provides a turnkey celebrity status to any Vegas debut or helps welcome the 2019 New Year in style.

PapFlash knows one can be the talk of the town when they arrive and even when they depart, with all eyes on the VIP, Top Executive, up and coming artist, or the one of a kind individual.

Las Vegas is the entertainment hub of the US and PapFlash ™  aims to help clients bring more excitement to an already exhilarating destination. PapFlash ™ will create a buzz that makes you a new kind of influencer on the block.

This opportunity at fame will secure some of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime that keeps one telling stories to friends, family and acquaintances for a long time to come.

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