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Trial Lawyer Dennis Prince Gets 7-Figure Jury Verdict for Las Vegas Car Accident Victim Hit by a Forklift




Dennis Prince, one of Las Vegas, Nevada’s most respected trial lawyers, has obtained a 7-figure jury verdict on behalf of a car accident victim facing severe and debilitating injuries.

Following four days of jury selection, the trial of Bahram Yahyavi v. Capriati Construction Corp., Inc. began September 13, 2019. The case arose from a June 19, 2013 incident in which Mr. Yahyavi’s Dodge Charger, which he was driving as part of his job with Chapman Las Vegas Dodge, was struck by a forklift driven by a former employee of Defendant Capriati Construction Corp., Inc.

The forks penetrated Mr. Yahyavi’s front end from the passenger’s side, caused the front windshield to cave into the car, and came dangerously close to Mr. Yahyavi’s head. The forklift driver was instructed to not operate a forklift by Capriati Construction’s former safety manager prior to the subject collision.

Mr. Yahyavi sustained a severe and debilitating injury to his neck as a result of the collision. After Mr. Yahyavi exhausted all conservative care options, which included chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain injection therapy, he underwent a five-level cervical spine fusion surgery.

Following an 15-day jury trial, Capriati Construction was found liable for causing the subject collision and Mr. Yahyavi’s injuries. The jury unanimously awarded Mr. Yahyavi damages in the amount of $5,870,283.24.

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