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What Are Virtual Facials? Q&A with Spa Owner of Heaven on Earth

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Virtual Facials? Q&A with Spa Owner of Heaven on Earth

As we come to adapt new life since the strike of COVID-19, the world of beauty has taken a different turn when it comes to facials, massages, and other beauty services.

The Vegas Post had the opportunity to sit down (via Zoom, of course) with spa owner, Pila Xian, of Heaven on Earth Day Spa located in Aspen, Colorado to talk about how COVID-19 has shifted her business to a modern approach for servicing her clientele. With mask-wearing and social distancing protocols in full effect, there’s a new way of makeovers and pampering while staying safe and well— beautiful.

VP: How has the beauty industry, spas specifically, been affected since COVID-19?
PILA: The beauty industry, especially the esthetics industry, was hit hard when this all started. In the beginning, Heaven on Earth closed before the state’s mandatory closing just to be safe. I can’t give someone a massage or facial 6-feet away from them. We had no information yet as to how to stay safe or what this “new” coronavirus was. I was closed for almost three months and there are still some states that won’t allow spas to reopen yet. It was also hard because we don’t have a big voice like restaurants we didn’t get any consideration as an industry from the government.

I also noticed more women are coming for facials or scheduling virtual facials because they’re experiencing more [breakouts] from wearing masks or they’re feeling dry.

VP: What does your Medical Spa offer clients during this pandemic? Are you still servicing clients in-person?
PILA: Yes, I’m lucky, so far in Colorado, we’re still able to be open and in addition to the above steps I also have a COVID questionnaire, for my massage guests, I use a pillowcase over the face cradle so that they can’t breathe openly into the air, and when they turn over to lay on their back, I have silicone K95 masks to cover their nose and mouth. [All in all] I’m fully operational; facials, massages, dermaplaning, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, body scrubs, and wraps.

VP: What is a “Virtual Facial”? What should clients expect?
PILA: Heaven on Earth’s virtual facial is a facial experience in your home, that is guided by me. It can be done in a couple of ways. You can choose either Heaven on Earth’s virtual facial parties or a solo, one-on-one virtual facial. The first step is they fill out a three-page skincare analysis. This gives me an in-depth look at their current skincare routine, skin condition, and issues. Then I decide which products they need (cleanser, toner, exfoliator/mask, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen). I mail these directly to their house and then we hop on zoom and I walk them step by step through their facial.

They can choose from the Classic Celebration (a 45-minute virtual facial) or the Signature Celebration (45-minute virtual facial + 45 minutes learning the Gua Sha TCM technique). They should expect to have a very interactive facial experience that is super fun and very informative. They’ll learn my skincare tips that I’ve cultivated over my 30+ years of experience.

Another unforeseen benefit is that with the “Splurge” packages, they get a full skincare routine so that they can improve their skin by having enough of the professional skin care products for at least two months. Even with the “Steal” virtual facial, they have enough product for at least a week or two and will be able to see and feel how their skin changes with using professional products.

VP: How can clients benefit more from a virtual facial than an in-person spa treatment?
PILA: I’ve done virtual facials with women who are far and close. Some of my Aspen guests want to keep sheltering in place but are having problems with their skin, especially from wearing the mask all the time. While having a facial in the spa is probably more relaxing, the guest learns more about their skin and how to treat it successfully with the virtual facial [in their own time and space]. This is because it’s more hands-on, for them, and I give them so much information that they wouldn’t usually get.

VP: We’ve heard about you incorporating bridal parties, birthday facials, and bringing corporate teams together with your virtual facials! How cool is that!
PILA: The parties are so interactive and everyone has so much fun. It’s just a fantastic way to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves. It’s truly a unique and fun experience! [In addition], the parties are an excellent way for businesses and their teams to stay connected, build team spirit and comradery with so many working remotely. It’s also a way to say thank you since so many have had to work harder, balance more work life with their home life, and find creative ways and times to work. I know of one person who had to put a shelf in his bathroom and use that as his desk!

VP: Are there other services you’re currently offering virtually other than the skin?
PILA: To my surprise, a lot of my virtual facial parties are for companies and online corporate events. So that gave me the idea to offer my Yamuna Body Rolling as group events. Working remotely isn’t easy for a lot of people, especially those who live in small, tight quarters. I have friends who have to work on their beds, and I even heard of someone having to set up a shelf in their bathroom and call it a desk! Yamuna Body Rolling is a unique and one of a kind way to open and stretch the body while giving the brain a break too. It will be the one online meeting everyone wants to attend!

I’m also getting ready to launch a couples massage class. I’ll be teaching couples how to massage each other. They don’t need a massage table; I’ll be teaching them how they can massage each on their bed, couch, or floor. Many states aren’t allowing spas to open yet, and many more are still being conservative and refraining from going. My class will give them the ability to learn how to massage their loved ones or even friends. I also think that the ability to give and receive a massage is a valuable skill to have. I’ll be sharing all my techniques; I’m not holding back.

For more information about Heaven on Earth’s current offers, a list of services, or to schedule any session with Pila, please visit https://heavenonearthaspen.com/contact-pila/

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