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What Las Vegas Casino Are You Based On Your Zodiac?




We have the skeptics, the true believers, and the somewhere in betweeners. Whether or not you live by and treasure your daily horoscope or have no idea what your moon and rising sign is, take a look to find out which Las Vegas Casino you are, and maybe, just maybe you’ll be a little more convinced that your Zodiac sign really does know you best.


Known as one of the most good looking signs, the Aries and Aria just go hand in hand. They’re both gorgeous, high class, and grab your attention. The Shops at Crystals is one of the most exquisite shopping areas in Las Vegas much like Rodeo Drive and much like your typical Aries. Aries are known to be well dressed and independent, two qualities that the Aria Resort & Casino exhibits from head to toe. Take a look at Herringbone Aria, one of the best bruncheries in Las Vegas or recently opened Catch, the five-star dinner spot every Instagrammer is bound to love. Both of which we can guarantee your typical Aries is all over.



The Taurus’ are your best friend. They’re beautiful, classy, elegant and have an amazing heart. But we can’t forget they’re also the bull and can get a little stubborn when think they’re always right even though they usually are. So that’s where the Paris Hotel & Casino comes in. I mean come on it’s the Paris, the epitome of love and perfection. And if Paris was a person, they would resemble the Taurus as nothing can realistically ever compare to the Paris and they know it. With restaurants like Mon Ami Ga Bi and Hexx Las Vegas both overlooking the Bellagio fountains, the Eiffel Tower viewing deck, and the Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop, it couldn’t get any more perfect, and Taurus’ can’t get enough.



The twins…you guessed it, the Wynn and Encore. A double persona so well known, Geminis are known for their energy and passion. They’re always having fun, are always looking for the next best (or trendiest) thing, and everyone knows and loves them. And that defines the beloved Wynn and Encore properties. They look identical, and they’re all about fun from some of the Strips’ most well-known day/nightclubs featuring Intrigue, XS, and Encore Beach Club, LA’s prodigy of a brunch spot—Urth Caffe—and the trendy way to exercise, SOULcycle. The Wynn and Encore defines Geminis’ two sides~sexy and serious.



The Cancer is known as the sympathetic and sentimental one of the group, they feel deeply about almost everything whether good or bad, and stay very in tune with their emotions. They’re compassionate but often keep things secret for protective purposes. They’re a water sign and their match is of course the Mirage; The Mirage’s Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is the perfect date for the Cancer. Nature truly at its finest and a serene but beautiful exhibit. The Casino also features a 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium at the front desk and not to forget the volcano show outside to showcase Cancer’s fiery side.



The king of the jungle, the center of attention, the lion. When people think of Vegas, they think of the MGM. The Hangover, Ocean’s 11, and Casino are just a few movies filmed in Vegas and MGM is truly the trademark in every one. MGM Properties holds a big name on the strip and just like the Leo, the MGM is a leader. The Leo is strong, bold, and makes a name for his/herself; the Leo is passionate and never gives up in order to achieve the dream life. Both are extravagant, grandiose, and could not be more perfect for each other.


Virgo-Stratosphere Las Vegas

The Virgo is a strong character, they’re organized, they pay attention to the little details in life, they’re simple and would rather spend a quality night with their friends than go out to the club. This is why the Stratosphere is the ultimate Virgo. The Stratosphere holds the Top of the World Restaurant that spins 360 degrees overlooking the strip, which is the perfect anniversary night out for the Virgo. Or if they’re feeling adventurous, they might want to try the Thrill Rides or Sky Jump. The Sky Jump is where you will literally launch yourself from the top of the Stratosphere…an insane 829-foot drop but worth the adrenaline rush. And if all that’s too much there’s always the observation deck where the classic Virgo would love to take a breather while enjoying the view.


Libra-Waldorf Astoria

Formerly the Mandarin Oriental, the Waldorf Astoria has taken the reigns and created the ultimate calm and classy ambiance for the Libra. Libras enjoy balance and peace, they like to relax and spend time with their loved ones. And of course, your typical Libra loves the nicer things in life and would be all over an afternoon tea at the Waldorf. A Libra’s dream day consists of spending the morning at the Waldorf Astoria spa, followed by a late lunch at Zen Kitchen, and the rest of the day out at the pool, reading a book and taking full advantage of their much needed R&R.


Scorpio-The Cosmopolitan

Always down for a good time, the Scorpio is the most mysterious/sexy zodiac of the group. Known to be crazy and wild, the Scorpio loves to party and can often be the life of the party with their charismatic personality. The Cosmopolitan is the total Scorpio with its seductive nature and its’ young and lively vibes. From Cosmo’s fun and modern design and places to hang like The Chandelier Lounge, Marquee nightclub, trendy Beauty & Essex and STK, the Cosmo is every Scorpios playground. Even the Boulevard Pool is more than just a pool, it transforms into a concert venue with breathtaking views of the strip, and even an ice rink over the holidays. And we can’t forget about their secret pizza shop…because we all know how Scorpios love their secrets.


Sagittarius-Caesar’s Palace

The fun-loving Sagittarius loves their freedom and weekends out to the club. They know how to make people laugh, they’re outgoing and they’re a great time. They flawlessly characterize the Caesar’s Palace, home of Omnia Nightclub and many other outstanding bars. But there’s more. The Caesar’s eagerly awaits the opening of the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden early 2019—the next Sag hang out spot for sure. The Forum Shops are just another great asset for the Sag who loves to shop and from the deco to the Trevvi Fountain, the Palace inspires the Sagittarius’ next trip to Rome, as they are in love with traveling.



The hardworking Capricorn is determined in every aspect of their life. They like to be in control and consistently stay focused on their goals. They love the presentation of things and besides their romantic nature, hold a huge appreciation for beauty. The Venetian Resort & Casino is the exemplary Capricorn. Just a few of the flawless aspects of mini Venice include the cobblestone walkways, the carefully painted sky ceilings, the water flowing throughout the Grand Canal, the echoing sounds of Italian Opera singers taking you on Gondola Rides, and the Grand Canal Shoppes. The Venetian really is the ultimate version of Venice with no missing details, it’s almost as if a Capricorn built it.



Everyone knows them, they’re people people. They’re independent intellectuals but befriend everyone; they love being surrounded by others, like to be appreciated, are always happy and positive, they are the Aquarius…and the Bellagio. Bellagio’s fountains are one of the most famous sights to see on the Las Vegas Strip. The Bellagio is legendary with their jaw-dropping conservatory and gardens that are constantly changing, the Jean Philippe chocolate fountain, Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and now their Gallery of Fine Art showcasing the coolest art exhibits. Furthermore, the Bellagio is always surrounded by tourists because of all the amazing things they have to offer, much like the Aquarius.


Pisces-Mandalay Bay

And last but not least, the Pisces. With their astrological sign being the two fish, every Pisces exhibits the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, an underwater world just like the sign of the Pisces. Pisces are artistic and faithful. They love creating emotional bonds with people and love music and entertainment. Which is why they’ll love the Michael Jackson ONE show at the Mandalay Bay. And then of course there’s Mandalay Bay’s infamous wave pool and lazy river that truly beats any other attraction, especially when they clear it out to hold a concert. And if you’re hungry, Mandalay Bay’s array of restaurants is never-ending, making it the perfect casino and the ideal place for a Pisces.


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